A new Kira Brightwell adventure, PLUS the Smashwords Summer Sale!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m finally back to writing with Kira again, and I have some news to share…


Under Wraps (Kira Brightwell 0.5) is now available:

After finishing my latest fantasy project as Jacquelyn Smith, I wanted to write a shorter Kira piece as a warmup for the next novel in the series, which will pick up where Low Blow left off.

I had an idea for a quirky, Halloween-themed adventure that takes place before Split Decision, with Rob very much out of his element as Kira’s sidekick in the field, and cameos from other characters, who go on to play larger roles from Split Decision onward.

This fun little piece ended up expanding beyond my planned novelette length into novella territory at over 28,000 words. While it would probably make more sense to hold it back until Halloween, I decided to release it now instead to coincide with the Smashwords Summer Sale. (More on that below.)

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(Save 50% at Smashwords until July 31st: SSW50)

Halloween–a time for questionable costumes and pissing off bad guys, at least if you’re Kira Brightwell.

With her abduction by the Procurer only a few months behind her, Kira is eager to make a fresh start and move out with her best friend Rob, no matter what her mother has to say. But Rob has already managed to attract some trouble of his own…

Soon, he and Kira are both on the run from a group of thugs hired by a man with everything to lose. Will they be able to unmask him before it’s too late?

This 28,000 word thriller adventure is Book 0.5 in the Kira Brightwell Series, and takes place between Striking Distance and Split Decision.



Smashwords Summer Sale!

Once again, Smashwords is hosting their annual Summer Sale for the month of July. All of the Kira Brightwell titles are included. As always, Split Decision is available for FREE, and all other titles are 50% off.

If you’re new to Smashwords, they are an international distributor for indie authors, and sell pretty much every ebook format you might want/need at one price. Their Summer Sale is a great time to browse new authors at great prices.

Kira Brightwell Sale on Smashwords:

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Striking Distance: SSW50 (Save 50%)

Under Wraps: SSW50 (Save 50%)

Split Decision: FREE (No coupon required)

Black and Blue: SSW50 (Save 50%)

Low Blow: SSW50 (Save 50%)