Project Update: Title, Cover, and Description Reveal

split decision_1200x783


So I’m ready to reveal some of the details of my new project, Split Decision, which is currently underway. This is the first novel of what could potentially be a series. I’ll probably be posting an excerpt in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that as well. 😉


Split Decision Product Description

Kira Brightwell is a survivor. Trevor Wright is hoping she is something more.

When his sister goes missing and the police aren’t an option, Kira seems like the best person for the case. Her cleverness and MMA skills make her an ideal choice–not to mention she has outwitted an abductor before.

But Kira’s past still haunts her, and Trevor has never been one of her favorite people. Even though he claims he needs Kira’s help, he seems to hinder her at every turn. And as Kira does her best to untangle a web of lies and false trails in a race against the clock, she begins to find similarities to her own unresolved abduction case…

This fast-paced thriller novel is Book 1 of the Kira Brightwell Series.